Integrated Farming

Integrated Farming is a whole farm management system, which enables the farmers to identify opportunities and threats and act accordingly, and, at the same time, consider consumer interests in their business.

Integrated Farming is not based on a set of fixed parameters but on informed management processes. This knowledge-based flexibility of Integrated Farming includes attention to detail and managing all resources available.

The full version of the EISA Integrated Farming Framework offers a definition and detailed description of Integrated Farming and guidelines for sustainable agriculture in Europe. This document is available in EnglishFrench and German.


A short brochure explaining the essentials of Integrated Farming is available for download in English here.







To raise awareness and to assist farmers in further improving their everyday practices, EISA has developed an abbreviated Farmers’ Version of the EISA Integrated Farming Framework for self-assessment and follow-up of internal developments. This document can be downloaded in English here.