EISA: Transitioning onwards for Sustainable Agriculture

EISA (Brussels): Founded in May 2001 by agricultural associations from six European countries, the European Initiative for Sustainable Development in Agriculture has actively promoted the holistic concept of ‘Integrated Farming’ as a guideline for sustainable development of agriculture in the EU. Together with seven associate members from both upstream and downstream sectors of agriculture, the initiative cemented a shared vision to create a united voice for sustainable agriculture with a view to advocating means to enable a practical implementation on the ground.

Having been set up at a time when sustainability was a buzzword slowly filtering into many sectors’ priority focus areas, EISA has served as a beacon for farming in Europe to establish a firm foothold not only for being a proponent of sustainable practices, but also of being a strong voice calling for policies that support more efficient and responsible agriculture and access to the necessary tools for farmers to make responsible decisions.

Today, sustainable agriculture is a term commonly used in the EU Common Agricultural Policy and far beyond. Many ideas and strategies promoted by EISA have made their way into agricultural policies at both European and national level. These developments are a key achievement and recognition that the initiative has met its main objectives. After these 17 years of successful collaborations with our membership, following the general agreement that a focus is now due at national level for further shaping and implementing measures for sustainable agriculture, EISA has decided to transition onwards and cease activities in their current form.

Moving beyond the European scope, national and global strategies for sustainable farming practices and implementation will increasingly be needed, so a continued network of interested parties is a welcome progression.

EISA members and associate members join together to express their appreciation for the demonstrated interest and support for EISA’s activities, and look forward to a new phase of cooperation under a mutual network of associations sharing best practices and working together when suitable to further sustainable agriculture in Europe.

EISA Annual Report 2015 published

EISA-AR-2015EISA, the European Initiative for Sustainable Development in Agriculture, just published the organisation’s Annual Report 2015. This report highlights activities of EISA on the European level as well as key projects and activities of the seven national EISA members in their respective countries. In addition, the report provides brief information on the Associate Members of EISA and their main fields of work. Read more …

Protecting resources whilst using them efficiently: ‘Soils a solid ground for life’ also in Integrated Farming

(16) 01 Horsch seitlDecember 2015

EISA Topic Sheets on “Soil Biodiversity and Integrated Farming” and “Soil Protection in Integrated Farming” published during the 2015 International Year of Soils

EISA (Brussels): Protecting/managing soils as equally precious and limited natural resource is one of the key elements of Integrated Farming. In order to further raise the awareness for Integrated Farming as a holistic approach to sustainable farm management, and… Read more

(Photo: © G. Odinga / Agro-Barbele 2012)

Twenty Years of Joint Efforts for Sustainable Development in Agriculture in the EU


EISA and its predecessor EIF started to promote Integrated Farming (IF) two decades ago / The Integrated Farming Framework as European guideline is
one of the key achievements / EISA Farm Visits: new service on offer to demonstrate and communicate IF benefits to farmers and society at large

EISA (Brussels): The successful seminar “Integrated Farming, Sustainable and Competitive Agriculture for the Next Millennium” in Strasbourg in 1995 marked the first official appearance … Read more…

Sustainable agriculture: Making a complex system work in practice


16 February 2015

EISA, the European Initiative for Sustainable Development in Agriculture, just published the organisation’s Annual Report 2014. The report highlights activities of EISA on the European level as well as key projects and activities of the eight national EISA members in their respective countries. In addition, the report provides … Read more

EISA ‘goes EP’ – Fruitful discussions with Representatives of the European Parliament

Noichl-2-EISA-131114EISA (Brussels): Integrated Farming was top on the agenda during several meetings of EISA representatives with Members of the European Parliament and assistants to MEPs on 13 November 2014.
Maria Noichl MEP, Barbara Bauer, assistant to Ulrike Müller MEP, Albert Dess MEP, and Marion Thomas, assistant to Michel Dantin MEP, showed great interest in all issues related to CAP and further CAP development as well as Integrated Farming in European agriculture. Transparent communication with and information of the public… Read more

(photo: Dr. Andreas FRANGENBERG, Technical Director, EISA; Maria NOICHL, MEP; Patrick WRIXON, EISA President; Robby SCHREIBER, Head of EISA Brussels; from left to right; © EISA 2014)

‘EISA Family’ continues to grow

SkylarkSustainability never ends – it is the direction you choose! (Skylark Foundation)

24 October 2014

Dutch Skylark Foundation joins EISA as ‘full member’


The European Initiative for Sustainable Development in Agriculture welcomes Skylark Foundation from the Netherlands (Stichting Feldleeuwerik) as new member. As other EISA members and EISA itself, Skylark Foundation is committed to Integrated Farming (IF) enabling further sustainable development in agriculture. Read more…

Looking at Trends in Arable Farming and Conservation of Biodiversity

RZ_EISA_FNL_0007_LOGO_FARMVISITS_200pxl_72dpi_rgb13 June 2014

DLG-Field Days and BASF biodiversity project on Quellenhof will be highlights of the EISA Farm Visit in Germany 2014

EISA (Brussels): During this year’s EISA Farm Visit, organised by the German EISA member FNL, most of the time will be dedicated to trends in modern arable farming and the conservation of biodiversity. This will include latest developments with regard to oil & protein plants and their uses, challenges and strategies in plant breeding, crop protection and seed coating as well as drones / remote reconnaissance systems and other tools for precision agriculture on the DLG-Field Days in Bernburg-Strenzfeld, Germany. For the EISA group, the focus will be on how Integrated Farming combines…
Read more…