SIPScene – the newsletter of the Sustainable Intensification Research Platform

SIPSCENE_1st_Edition_FINAL_190615_v3-1October 2015
LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) is a partner organisation in SIP (
Sustainable Intensification Research Platform) a multi-partner research platform funded by Defra to explore opportunities and risks for sustainable intensification, from a wide range of perspectives.
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Sustainable livestock production in Europe: A question of food security, climate and innovation

Swinging-cow-brush-TeilPolicy Paper – October 2015

Meeting current and forecast demand in a sustainable way is a challenge, especially given that we are already using the earth’s resources at rates thought to be unsustainable. The livestock sector currently constitutes the world’s largest user of natural resources: with 80% of all agricultural land used for grazing or animal feed production and 8% of the global water use, primarily for irrigation of feed crops. Moreover, climate change is expected to further challenge food security through more extreme weather events and other challenges at both regional and global scales.
Thus, the European Union (EU) is faced with a dual challenge: it is called to produce larger quantities of high quality and affordable meat, milk, and eggs in response to an increasing global demand, while doing so through production systems that are environmentally sound, socially responsible, and economically viable. Read more…

New LEAF Brochure “Simply Sustainable Biodiversity”

scs Biodiversity brochureOctober 2015
Simply Sustainable Biodiversity, developed by LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) is a booklet to help farmers monitor, manage and enhance biodiversity through the adoption of Integrated Farm Management (IFM). Based on Six Simple Steps, it outlines practical ways for farmers to manage their land for food production as well as for wildlife.  Download your copy here:

Interview with EISA President Patrick Wrixon

Patrick-2 kleinSAI Platform Newsletter / September 2015

As SAI Platform, we attach great importance to recommendations and advice given by our Advisory Council members, each of whom are experienced experts in the field of sustainable agriculture. In each newsletter we give the floor to one of our advisors.

For this edition of the newsletter we interviewed Patrick Wrixon. Patrick not only runs a mixed sheep and arable farm in the Welsh Marches, he is also active within LEAF, president of EISA and – most recently – is the latest addition to SAI Platform’s Advisory Council. Read more…

Le forum de l’environnement

FARRE Newsletter / No 32 / September 2015

In the fieldLes Pays-Bas valorisent leur agriculture durable

L’association européenne EISA (European initiative for sustainable agriculture), dont Farre est membre, a organisé ses « Farm Visits » cette année, aux Pays-Bas. L’occasion de découvrir les efforts des agriculteurs néerlandais en matière d’environnement et de mieux connaître l’association Skylark qui les accompagne dans leur démarche.

Les exploitations visitées dans le Netherlands, au sud des Pays-Bas, membres de l’association Skylark, réalisent des efforts conséquents en matière d’environnement. Accompagnés par des structures très diverses … Read more

(Photo: FARRE)

Responsible Use of Medicines in Animals: what does this mean?

EPRUMA-LogoMarch 2015
A new fact sheet “Responsible Use of medicines in animals: what does this mean?” has been published by EPRUMA.

It highlights that …
… veterinary medicines, including antibiotics, need to be used responsibly to maintain their efficacy. All animal health stakeholders are committed to Responsible Use.
… Responsible Use as promoted by EPRUMA is based on a holistic approach of minimising disease which encompasses enhancing knowledge on disease prevention, animal health, animal welfare and husbandry practices.
… antibiotics should be used “As little as possible, as much as necessary”.
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Introducing EPRUMA

EPRUMA Broschüre-20152015

The European Platform for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Animals (EPRUMA) is a multistakeholder platform linking best practice with animal health and public health.

The Leaflet explaining EPRUMA’s goal, objectives and activities and highlighting the responsibility of farmers, veterinarians and pet owners as well as overall societal benefits was updated in December 2014. Download the new leaflet here…